Monday, July 18, 2016


How do you MAKEY MAKEY????
Here's a great video introduction to help wrap your brain around all the cool things
that can done with a Makey Makey...

The Makey Makey needs to be connected to a power source with a USB cord and alligator clips are used to control various keys to make the program run.
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  We used the Scratch website to play a variety of games while connected to the Makey Makey. Some of our favorites were Frogger, Pacman, Super Mario Bros., the Piano and Bongo Drums, and Dance Dance Revolution.
(*During the school year the students will use Scratch to code and create their own programs that can be operated by the Makey Makeys.)

  • The 1st-6th graders learned that in order to control the Scratch computer program with the Makey Makey, they needed to create a CLOSED CIRCUIT. 
  • They learned about conductors and insulators and experimented with various materials/objects to get the Makey Makey to work.
Take a LOOKEY at what some kids were able to MAKEY MAKEY...

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