Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Book Trailers Coming to You Summer 2016!

Readers Inspiring Readers!!!
We spent our last day together in the TECH-NOVATION SPACE creating book trailers. 

The 1st graders had some fun in our GREEN SCREEN STUDIO acting out parts from 
the book TUESDAY by David Wiesner. They also used the apps Tellagami and Chatterkid to retell parts from the book and all of these video clips were then put together in iMovie.

Another class of 1st graders read a book called My Neighborhood and had fun "visiting" all the places in the "neighborhood" via the Green Screen!

Some 2nd Graders used Tellagami to retell Dog Breath by Dave Pilkey.

The 3rd-6th Graders learned how to use Videolicious (FREE APP) to create a book trailer. 

Monday, July 18, 2016


How do you MAKEY MAKEY????
Here's a great video introduction to help wrap your brain around all the cool things
that can done with a Makey Makey...

The Makey Makey needs to be connected to a power source with a USB cord and alligator clips are used to control various keys to make the program run.
Image result for
  We used the Scratch website to play a variety of games while connected to the Makey Makey. Some of our favorites were Frogger, Pacman, Super Mario Bros., the Piano and Bongo Drums, and Dance Dance Revolution.
(*During the school year the students will use Scratch to code and create their own programs that can be operated by the Makey Makeys.)

  • The 1st-6th graders learned that in order to control the Scratch computer program with the Makey Makey, they needed to create a CLOSED CIRCUIT. 
  • They learned about conductors and insulators and experimented with various materials/objects to get the Makey Makey to work.
Take a LOOKEY at what some kids were able to MAKEY MAKEY...

Monday, July 11, 2016

Wecome to the Land of OZ - OZOBOTS that is!


OZOBOTS have taken over the TECH-NOVATION Space!!!

What is an OZOBOT you ask??? 
Take a peek below to see why the kids can't stop talking about these amazing coding robots!!

With our Chromebooks we were able to use the FREE OzoBlockly website to code the Ozobots.

 We also used the FREE OZOBOT APP and learned how to use FLASH CODES and STATIC CODES when designing an OZOPath...
The Ozobot can be used on both a paper surface or digital surface. 
The kids learned how to calibrate the sensors for both surfaces.

 These OZOCODES tell the Ozobot what to do while driving along the paths the kids drew.
You can give it a Nitro Boost or have it spin like a tornado. Those were a couple of our favorites.

We would say Ozobots are OZ-SOME!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Week 2: It's A Wrap!

The movie producers wrapped up the week experimenting with STOP MOTION movie making. 
We could have easily spent the entire summer making movies! Here are a few to watch...

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mrs. Stigen's Cool Cats!

Yesterday we had some fun in the green screen studio using the iStopMotion app.
These COOL CATS (AKA Pete the Cats) were then app smashed with:
Green Screen by DoInk app + the camera roll + iMovie app
to retell Pete the Cat...I Love My White Shoes.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Stop Motion Movie Studio...

This week our TECH-NOVATION space has transformed into a STOP MOTION ANIMATION studio!!!
The kids can choose to make CLAYMATION movies with modeling clay or there are lots of other props (toys!) for them to choose from. All they have to do is let their imaginations take over!
Check back later this week for some finished movies!

How are we making these movies? 
Today we learned how to use a couple different stop motion apps: 

iStopMotion app ($11.99)
This would be the app of choice when app smashing with Green Screen by DoInk or importing into iMovie.
Audio sounds or music can be recorded over the movie clips and this app is highly rated in the stop motion app world! :)

Lego Movie Maker (FREE APP)
**Everyone got pretty excited about this app - it was the favorite between the 2 apps. This app allows the kids to have a finished movie in a short amount of time and it has a bunch of fun editing features. Plus it's FREE!!!

Here's a quick example I made as a demo for one of the classes...
it probably took 4 mins. to make and we all loved it!