Monday, July 11, 2016

Wecome to the Land of OZ - OZOBOTS that is!


OZOBOTS have taken over the TECH-NOVATION Space!!!

What is an OZOBOT you ask??? 
Take a peek below to see why the kids can't stop talking about these amazing coding robots!!

With our Chromebooks we were able to use the FREE OzoBlockly website to code the Ozobots.

 We also used the FREE OZOBOT APP and learned how to use FLASH CODES and STATIC CODES when designing an OZOPath...
The Ozobot can be used on both a paper surface or digital surface. 
The kids learned how to calibrate the sensors for both surfaces.

 These OZOCODES tell the Ozobot what to do while driving along the paths the kids drew.
You can give it a Nitro Boost or have it spin like a tornado. Those were a couple of our favorites.

We would say Ozobots are OZ-SOME!!!

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